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Anyone can race with us! Dragon Boats are supplied by our race partners at High Five Dragon Boats. You sign up and we provide the boat. 

Groups, organizations and corporate supporters can participate with a 10 person team and paddle in the Dragon Boat Races against other competing teams. You will need 10 paddlers and 1 drummer to keep the pace. Its always good to have substitute paddlers also. A practice session will be held a day or two before the event. 

Everyone can participate for this fun day out on the St Johns River in Downtown Palatka. See our team categories by clicking the button to the right.  


Corporate (Entry Fee $600) - This is for groups entering from a for profit entity, or sponsored by a for profit entity, wishing to receive the recognition benefits of a for profit entry. Corporate teams have the benefit of promoting their business or sponsor through their team name, team uniforms (t-shirts), team tent decor and team bio which will be read over the PA system at the event.


Community  (Entry Fee $475) – This entry level is for a group of paddlers with no affiliation to a corporation or business, essentially friends and/or family members coming together to form a team.


Non-Profit (Entry Fee $475) - This entry level is for businesses and organizations that are a registered non-profit with the state of Florida. The same recognition benefits apply as in the corporate level. 


Club (Entry Fee $450) – This entry level is for established dragon boat club teams that practice together regularly, regardless of their competitive or recreational nature. 


Breast Cancer Survivor (Entry Fee $400) - All women; a minimum of 8 team members must be survivors of breast cancer, or undergoing treatment 


All Cancer Survivor (Entry Fee $400) - Team is comprised of male/and or female paddlers, and friends,  a minimum of 8 team members must be survivors or undergoing treatment of any kind of cancer 

All Dragon Boat teams receive the following:

  • A dedicated area in our Athlete Village to set up a pop up tent and muster your team prior to each race. 
  • A banner placed in your team area with your team's race name. 
  • Recognition for your team on our website, including, team name, group or organization that you represent and more. 

Teams that place in the final standings will receive awards and trophies based upon the final race categories determined by the race promoters.